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Benefit from our constant network and cyberthreat monitoring, proactive alerts, and 24/7 IT expertise. We tackle your IT challenges, often resolving issues before you notice them. Say goodbye to tech complexities; refocus on driving your business forward. Contact us for unparalleled peace of mind and embrace seamless, worry-free operations. 

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The 48First Approach to Managed IT Services

Empowering Your Business, Affordable Every Step: 

48First’ Managed IT Services, start at just $48 per user per month. Our fixed monthly plans encompass comprehensive solutions, including ongoing cybersecurity, network and server monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, 24/7 service desk support, enhanced threat control, and backup/disaster recovery management. For tailored plans that perfectly suit your business needs, call us at (305) 813-2320. It’s time to elevate your IT experience.

Managed IT Services

The MSP Onboarding Process

At 48First, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience right from the outset, and our meticulously crafted onboarding process plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective. Our comprehensive onboarding unfolds across seven phases:

1. IT Discovery (Phase 1):

In this initial phase, we conduct an onsite IT assessment to gain insights into your existing infrastructure and promptly address any immediate issues. This step allows us to grasp the intricacies of your current IT landscape.

2. Team Collaboration (Phase 2):

We engage in a collaborative meeting with your team to understand your business challenges. During this session, we explore various managed service options aligned with your goals and requirements.

3. In-Depth IT Data Collection & Reporting (Phase 3):

Our experts visit your site for a thorough examination, collecting detailed information about your IT environment. We provide you with a comprehensive report, covering network investigation, security assessment, backup verification, server room inspections, hardware status, cybersecurity evaluation, and policy documentation. In this phase we sign the Managed Service Agreement.

4. Hands-On Issue Resolution & Agent Rollouts (Phase 4):

We promptly address critical issues that could potentially impact your business. Simultaneously, we initiate the deployment of monitoring and cybersecurity agents, ensuring the stability of your IT environment.

5. Orientation Meeting and IT Service Handoff (Phase 5):

During this phase, we conduct an orientation meeting, providing concise instructions for the final tailoring of managed IT support procedures. We establish the schedule for recurring onsite visits and set the cadence for ongoing meetings and reporting between you and 48First.

6. IT Upgrades for Business Growth (Phase 6):

We conduct a comprehensive review, outlining the next steps and recommending technologies essential for your business’s growth. This involves discussing our findings, suggesting hardware and software upgrades, and proposing additional changes for optimization.

7. Ongoing Monitoring & Managed Services (Phase 7):

As we transition to the ongoing phase, we proactively monitor your network, swiftly resolving any issues that may arise. All IT requests and concerns are promptly addressed, and we provide you with a detailed monthly report on your current IT status, including recommendations for continuous improvement.

At 48First, our onboarding process isn’t just a series of steps; it’s a strategic partnership designed to elevate your IT infrastructure and empower your business for sustained success.

“Unlocking Value: The Advantages of a Managed Service Provider”

Organizations, ranging from small businesses to multinational enterprises, choose to entrust their information technology needs to third-party providers for a multitude of reasons. Discover how the following benefits could enhance the efficiency and resilience of your organization today:

Save with Managed IT Services
  1. Cost Efficiency: Today’s global shortage of skilled IT workers makes hiring and retaining in-house talent expensive. Managed IT services offer a more accessible and cost-effective solution, resulting in substantial IT expense reductions.

  2. Operational Efficiency: As your organization scales, in-house IT staff can face overwhelming challenges. Outsourced IT services ensure optimal performance, efficiently managing your technology infrastructure.

  3. Resource Optimization: Leveraging the expertise of a managed service provider allows you to access higher levels of IT skills. This optimization enables more effective allocation of in-house IT resources, unlocking greater value across your organization.

  4. Always Up-to-Date Technology: Managed IT service providers guarantee that your technology remains secure and operates at peak efficiency, preventing costly system failures that can impact small businesses significantly.

  5. Consistent Fee Structure: With managed IT services billed as a fixed monthly subscription, you experience fewer budget surprises. This predictability allows for more effective and confident future planning.

  6. Focus on Growth Opportunities: Entrusting complex technology decisions to a reliable IT services provider lets you concentrate on core competencies and seize growth opportunities without being hindered by technical complexities.

  7. Improved IT Infrastructure Security: Proactive monitoring and reporting of IT problems tackle root causes, preventing minor issues from affecting users and the IT infrastructure.

  8. Enhanced Uptime: Monitoring and management tools identify issues early, ensuring better uptime for both IT infrastructure and user devices.

  9. Access to Newer Technologies: Managed IT services provide access to cutting-edge technologies and work practices, keeping your business at the forefront of innovation.

  10. Cost-Effective Remote IT: Remote IT proves cost-effective, with over 80% of issues solvable for most customers. This approach reduces IT staffing costs and enhances problem resolution efficiency.

Navigating IT Costs: Understanding the Investment in Managed Services

Opting for managed IT services not only saves your business money but also provides predictability and ease in budgeting. With a clear understanding of your annual IT costs upfront, you eliminate surprises arising from cyber-attacks or technological flaws. The average cost of IT support services varies based on factors such as the complexity of your IT systems and connectivity. Discover how tailored solutions starting at $48 per user per month can address your specific needs and contribute to the financial stability of your organization. How many of these benefits could streamline your operations today?

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